Elgin Ridge Dexters

Grass fed Dexter cattle



Our Dexter cattle are raised without any stimulants, hormones, feed additives or un-natural products, on our certified organic wine farm in Elgin, Western Cape. Lucerne is sometimes used to supplement their feed, but grain is not allowed at any time in their diet.

Healthy environment, healthy cattle

The animals are reared in a free range environment and are not allowed to be in a feedlot at any time. This provides a healthy, humane, ethical and natural product.

Only registered Dexters are bought in to build the herd, and our Dexters are pure Dexters with no cross breeding. All bought in animals originate from farms complying with requirements in this protocol with regards to stimulants, hormones, feed additives, chemicals, un-natural products, grain and free range. The minimum time for any bought in animal on Elgin Ridge is 3 months before slaughter.

Animal freedom

We provide our animals with:

All animals have a minimum 18 months of age before slaughter.

FAT CODES: 1 ‘ 4, and

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Red Dexter calf, Chard, 2 days old